What Exactly is Internet Attraction Marketing?

People nowadays are finding different ways to earn money. With the current economic climate, some opt to do it in the premise of their homes. Most of them just jump into the home business arena without the proper knowledge, so they are almost on the net finding the solutions and secrets of real success.

This is where internet attraction marketing comes into view. Internet attraction marketing is defined as a very appealing method used in business, where your prospects are attracted to you through the internet. It is one of the best ways in order to get targeted network marketing or other types of business leads.

As defined by numerous people, attraction marketing is not only about making a sale, it is about positioning yourself as a leader in a crowd, who has something very valuable to offer. You can be the answer to their problems. Attraction marketing is very different from the way most of home based entrepreneurs run their business, almost every MLM entrepreneur surely knows how the old method of marketing feels, doing cold-calling and catching up with family and friends, only to get a harsh „no thanks“ as an answer or a big rejection written all over.

With attraction marketing you’ll surely save time and see that people will buy or join your business. Put in mind that people are looking for leaders and mentors that can show them how to earn and make money. Always remember this: be a leader not a seller.

In applying attraction marketing in your business, you need to shift your mindset. Developing a different mindset can give you success in attraction marketing, another thing that you should remember is learning the attraction marketing skills and deciding in becoming an „Attraction Marketing Leader“.

Doing this is very crucial in your success. You must always remember to place yourself as a leader that can offer your target market the training and marketing information they are searching. People who do not have any experience in marketing always have the tendency to speculate how they can teach others if they themselves are new to it.

New and struggling marketers position a person as a leader who they know can teach them something that they don’t know and will follow him. The most important point to remember is that in attraction marketing you are not selling your business, you are selling your marketing strategy and marketing your most important product… YOU! Yes you read it right, you are marketing YOURSELF, what you can give to the people who are following you. People have the tendency to follow people who they know can solve their problems. If somebody like you can offer the solution they need, they will follow you. The basic thing in attraction marketing is to know what your target market needs and is interested in solving, and be the expert to teach them how to solve these problems.

It may sound very simple especially if you are creative and resourceful. Just remember to focus on learning what your target market is really after and be sure to give them those information, in no time, you’ll be able to attract quality leads like a magnet, that in time will turn to being your responsive prospects who will ultimately buy your system or product and if luck is on your side, become your partner in no time.

Think of this, home based entrepreneurs are always on the look out on how they can do advertisement more effectively that will drive traffic to their websites. Other than that, they are also eager to learn on how they can make this traffic into closed sales, which means that they were successful in attracting prospective clients. By applying attraction marketing, they will benefit by addressing to this query, wherein they’d be able to build a very responsive list of clients.

In the internet attraction marketing model, you should remember three basic things namely:
o Your prospects will search and find you in the internet.
o You’ll be given consent in contacting them, and
o Through email, you’ll provide ongoing value to them and will always keep your offers upfront to them.

When a prospect gave you the authorization to communicate with them while you give the information they are seeking, you’ll have the same acknowledgment in your marketing strategy that television and radio has enjoyed and still enjoying. And when you’ve been given the consent to communicate with them on a topic, this means that in time they will be either a prospect or client, that will surely turn into a closed sales and them joining in your business.

A good internet attraction marketing system has six valuable points, which are:

o People are always looking for leaders and mentors who can tell and teach them how to solve their problems.
Always position yourself as a leader that has something very valuable to offer. Once you answer their query, people will follow and join your business.

o You should know who your target market is.
Focus on what your target market is really looking for. By doing this, you answer their problems and you attract clients that will help your business in no time. That is hitting two birds with one stone.

o Make sure that your advertisements are simple and directed to your target market that will surely make them click.
At this point, attraction marketing will prove to be beneficial, by knowing who and what your target market is really interested in, you can easily address to the problems in their business. You should create your ads in a way that answers their queries. In order to get the solution you are offering, they must click to your ad. As the saying goes, „give big and you’ll receive big“.

o You should be able to drive your targeted traffic into your own lead capture page.
Make sure that your lead capture page is personalized, it should also contain a direct response marketing headline, sub-heads and some benefits you are offering. Stay away from putting a computer-generated lead capture page. Adding free information such as newsletters, special reports, video training series or audio recording that is focused on solving the problem you presented is a key in building a very responsive list of prospective clients.

o Always have a series of follow up through a very systematized email auto-responder.
Having a series of follow up letters through email that is linked to your lead capture page is a very big help in following your new leads automatically. Majority of your sales will be made here, having constant follow up is important in building trust, credibility and rapport with your prospects. By being able to offer and teach valuable information that you gave them at your lead capture page, in no time you“ll gain more prospects that will become your client or join your business in no time.

o Be sure to close sales.
This is a weak part of the average marketer’s system, most home based automated online systems are only successful in opening sales and attracting leads but what is the point if you would not close the sales? Keep in mind that in internet attraction marketing, you are not only after attracting prospective clients but turning these prospects into your clients or affiliates. Whatever your system, you should be able to close one to two sales per 100-150 opt ins. If you’re not having this, you should review your entire system to determine which part of the system is weak.

As they say, „the end justifies the means“, it holds true in attraction marketing wherein once you apply your method right, your clients and your money will be as easy as ABC.