The institutional investments in Bitcoin were presented at the Blockchain Summit Latam 2020

A new presentation of the Blockchain Summit Latam has commented on the institutional investment in Bitcoin

In the 4th day of the Blockchain Summit Latam 2020 that is taking place this Thursday November 5th we could listen to Joaquin Moreno, founder of BTCenEspañol, presenting a paper entitled „Why public companies are buying bitcoin as an investment? Research, analysis and conclusions“, where the institutional investment in BTC was the main topic to be discussed.

What leads open capital companies to invest in Bitcoin?

One of the first things that Moreno highlighted is that, after an investigation at Bitcoin Machine he explained that starting this year he could see how two companies with mercantile objects not related to Bitcoin, could enter to invest in BTC, as it turned out to be MicroStrategy and Square. In total, he explained that there are 23 public business organizations that have a total of 770,000 Bitcoin.

How much Bitcoin do the companies have, what are the reasons for their acquisition, and what are the effects?

Likewise, Moreno stressed that we must understand that these companies handle „a lot of information,“ mentioning that in the midst of the complicated global scenario, these companies must be seeing something that makes them act this way. He pointed out that 2020 has shown the possibility of unforeseen events and the need to plan in the midst of a scenario of unlimited emissions and much uncertainty, which has led to „planning in Bitcoin“ out of the conviction that in the medium to long term, this is the best strategy.

What do the Bitcoin funds declare?

Besides mentioning the companies that are not directly linked to crypto-currencies and that are investing in Bitcoin, he also pointed out that we can see how there is data from the investment funds that are dedicated to crypto-currencies.

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Specifically, he said that the funds provide details that at the corporate level they have been able to manage investments of companies that place between 1 and 5% of their capital stock within Bitcoin, and there are even companies that invest more than 5%.

In the perspectives of the funds that Moreno relates, there is the perception that investing in Bitcoin is similar to investing in emerging markets, as well as that there is also a perspective that the BTC market will triple from the possession of spaces within the alternative markets that exist today.