Almost 60% of 13,000 people say they will keep their Bitcoin until they die if the price of BTC doesn’t exceed USD 10,000. However, Twitter surveys are, by their very nature, unreliable, given their lack of healing and their vulnerability to prejudice. And you’d rather die than leave your crypto currencies?

Twitter users claim they would rather die than leave their cryptosystems

A survey conducted on Twitter this week by economist and financial consultant Peter Schiff showed that almost 60% of respondents would never sell their bitcoins as long as the price remains below USD 10,000

The economist, who was always skeptical of Bitcoin Era, asked his followers „How much longer does #Bitcoin’s price have to be below $10,000 before you throw in the towel and bandages?“

With over 28,000 responses, 57.5% said they would „take them to the grave“.

The other options „1 more year“, „3 more years“ and „10 more years“ yielded only 15%, 14% and 13% respectively.

Bitcoin investors willing to die rather than walk out of their crypto currencies

Chaos erupted at the twitter hack
Politicians, billionaires, artistic figures and companies in the United States were the targets of a massive hack into Twitter accounts on Wednesday.

Among those affected were billionaires Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, former U.S. President Barack Obama, Democratic pre-candidate Joe Biden and even musician Kanye West.

In response to the situation, Twitter took the extraordinary step of suspending the publication of messages from verified accounts while it investigated what had happened.

The hacker posted a message about the fake gifts from the compromised accounts, asking for Bitcoin (BTC) payments and promising to return double the amount received.

Twitter support said:

„We are aware of a security incident involving Twitter accounts. We are investigating and taking steps to resolve it. We continue to limit the ability to tweet, reset the password, and some other account functionality while we investigate this.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said the team continues to investigate what happened and said, „We all feel terrible about what happened.

Peter Brandt says 99% of Altcoins are a scam

Peter Brandt, a trader with 40 years of experience, once again confirmed his thesis that most of the alternative currencies on the market are a complete scam.

Brandt claims that altcoins are a complete scam. He provided a table that can be related to many altcoins at this time.